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A spherical cinema represents itself as a inflatable construction. The hemishere’s diametr 5m., height 2,8-3,5 м. We can regulate the dome’s height depending from the ciling’s height. Sporthalls and assembly halls are the best working places.It takes less than 40min to set up the planetary.


  • With a help of compressor the oxygen blows into the dome,oxygen circulation and ventilation works perfectly so it’s not gonna be stuffy in it anyway. All cartoon or film images guests watch on the inner dome surface. We offer special chairs or pillows. The Planetariums capacity is 25-35 children.
  • The approximate sessions length depends on what kind of program was chosen : 24-41minutes.As well some extra time is needed for organization moments.
  • Before the programs demonstration we explain the behavior rules in the cinema. Children go in with a teacher and the show begins.